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Container Shipping

Container and Intermodal Shipping

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International container shipping is a vital component of global trade, allowing goods to be transported across borders and oceans with relative ease. BeKa Holdings LLC, as a company engaged in international trade, can benefit greatly from a deep understanding of the logistics and processes involved in container shipping.

One of the key advantages of container shipping is the standardization of the shipping container itself. The standard size and shape of shipping containers (typically 20 – 53 feet in length) mean that they can be easily loaded and unloaded from ships, trucks, and trains using cranes and other equipment. This standardization also helps to streamline the shipping process and reduce costs by allowing for efficient use of space on cargo ships and in ports.

Streamlined Logistics for Global Trade

Another important aspect of container shipping is the use of intermodal transportation. Intermodal transportation involves the use of multiple modes of transportation (such as ships, trucks, and trains) to move goods from their point of origin to their final destination. This allows for more efficient and cost-effective transportation, as different modes of transportation can be used for different legs of the journey based on factors such as distance and terrain.

“A good logistics company can make a difference between profit and loss for its clients.” – Peter Drucker


Standardized Containers and Intermodal Transportation for Efficiency and Savings

In addition to the logistical considerations of container shipping, there are also important regulatory and legal considerations to take into account. For example, international shipping is subject to various regulations and standards related to safety, security, and environmental protection. BeKa Holdings LLC would need to ensure compliance with these regulations to avoid penalties and reputational damage.

Overall, international container shipping is a complex and dynamic industry that plays a critical role in global trade. By understanding the logistics, processes, and regulations involved in container shipping, BeKa Holdings LLC can make informed decisions about how to best transport its goods across borders and oceans.


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To prepare your heavy equipment for transportation, you should clean it thoroughly, remove any loose or fragile components, secure any loose parts, and drain any fluids. You should also provide the transportation and logistics company with the equipment's dimensions and weight, as well as any special handling instructions.

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